adovation: artificial intelligence for digital advertising

Our mission is to become experts in artificial intelligence and explore ways that AI can benefit digital advertising - especially digital advertisers.


We'll understand the concepts, interfaces, and logic design code so you don't have to.

Software Tools

We'll build tools that expose all the incredible research and testing we'll be doing so you can help us learn.

Easy to Use

Making AI easy to take advantage of is one of our core goals.

Just Getting Started

adovation has just begun this journey. We are currently setting up servers, testing algorithms, designing logic, and charting course. First step is to fully understand how artificial intelligence operates on an atomic level and explore how this new technology can impact digital advertising and digital advertisers.

Focus: advertisers

There's already a lot of work being done by advertising platform providers like Google, Bing, and Oath. We understand the direction they are taking but we will be focused on applying artificial intelligence to the work done by the advertisers using those platforms.

Easy-to-Use AI

Our ultimate goal is to hide all this technological complexity to make our solutions easy to use to solve your problems.

We're just getting started. More to come!